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Loreley Leonard Pelino


The passion you have from living in your own "sweet spot" is just the push of positive energy I needed. Thank for for the concrete tips.

All the best,
Loreley Leonard Pelino

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What Deb Dib's clients are saying

  • I just read the branding bio. It‘s all me, I can’t believe it. You listen well and string things together beautifully. I even got a call back today from a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company who just got your resume.

    - publishing industry expert and C-level executive

    My final offer from my current company also included a five-figure signing bonus which, I can guarantee you, would not have been offered if I had not utilized your services. Your services paid for themselves many times over even before I started my new job!

    - senior-level global finance expert

    Thank you for the rigor of your process of developing a branded resume. I think the effort that went into the self-reflection helped elevate my confidence level to both land the contract... and to then land Coke as the first client of XXX Development Group.

    -major commercial real estate developer, consultant, and entrepreneur

    Thank you for the branding bio. It was so much more than I could have done myself and surpassed what I had thought to get.

    - senior level IBM executive and international business consultant

    This exercise has certainly helped me gather my thoughts about an aspect of my career for which I was not consciously aware... Thanks for the valued support.

    - CIO and Internet security expert

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